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Only “wind”can assist and magnify”fire”

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Naruto, it’s an escape from the real world and turns into a fantasy world for me.
It has taught me never to give up, even when I’m at my weakest point, it has taught me that “a place where someone still thinks about you is a place you can call home”, that I would go the furthest extent to protect the ones I love and care about even those who I’m not close with, it has taught me that hating only causes more hate, it’s taught me to follow what I dream of in life, it has taught me that “those who abandon their friends, are worse than scum” especially in a time of need, it has taught me that being lonely only leads to more pain and sometimes I need to go an extra step, even if that means risking my life to protect the most important things to me.

In the real world, people wouldn’t stop to help you in a time of need, they will not hesitate to backstab and manipulate another person and they definitely will not hesitate to hurt you in every possible way, all this world is filled with is hate and, this is why I watch Naruto, to know that in that world they will all come together as one and at the end of the day they are friends and comrades.

When Naruto ends I will always remember that I should never give up, that I should always protect what I love, that I shouldn’t allow myself to be lonely when I’m feeling down and that I should never allow people to bring me down.

This is why I watch Naruto and this is why I will always love it.

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I defend you even though I shouldn’t.